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Directing, editing and producing videos is my life. The IMAGE is my life. But since I work in the european music scene I’m used to help the artists to manage their project and image. That’s why I choosed to be the official manager of two great bands.



CNC has always considered himself as an unclassificable and eclectic artist. The main goal of this project is to fuse cinematic colours, rock melodies, dark atmospheres, electronic urban grooves and world music sounds. The visionary lyrics and the unique sound of the voice of CNC do the rest. So, after years of intense music research and many collaborations he decides to get out his first solo production. The first official album was produced by Calm’n’Chaos himself and mixed by the legendary and grammy nominated music producer/mixer Tim Palmer (David Bowie, U2, Tears for Fears, The Cure, Pearl Jam, Robert Plant and many others) at 62’ Studios in Austin and mastered by top-class sound engineer Justin Shturtz (Green Day, Alice in Chains, The Neptunes, Ray Charles) in one of the most famous mastering house in the world: the Sterling Sound in New York City.



The Surgery are an electro-industrial-metal band, born in Italy in the year 2000. Visual and sound effect impact is disruptive, explosive, a mix of hard rock and strong electronic, texts in Italian are vitriol dressed, provocative, ironic and destabilizing. The Surgery are a band that play masked and they succeed in integrating,in their shows, techno, metal, performances, any sort of provocation and scenic violence. Male and female double-voice, bass, guitar, dj. Since 2000 (date of the establishment of the band) The Surgery, concert after concert, succeed in capturing more and more attention, until the publication (after seven years of a proud self-production), in 2007, of the successful “L’ALTRA EDUCAZIONE” (AltipianiRock/Edel). The Album boasts the valuable collaboration of Donatella Rettore and receives several and excellent acknowledgements from the critics and from the public. In February 2008, the band presents the first videoclip “L’erba cattiva” followed by the second videoclip “Stupida estate”, under the video production of Solobuio Visual Factory (Dope Stars Inc., Ardecore, Spiritual Front, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Neverdream, etc.). In November 2009 the new album “NON UN PASSO INDIETRO” is prepared and it is published by Altipiani with Audioglobe distribution, launched through the new videoclip “Morituri te salutant”. It is worth to draw the attention to the fact that inside this new disc there is the international collaboration with the Scandinavian masters Combichrist and the very much appreciated cover of Photographic of the Depeche Mode. The artistic turning point occurs in 2010, with the launch of “HABITAT”, the first EP in English language, destined to throw the Surgery’s project onto the international scene. With “HABITAT” The Surgery discover again the extreme industrial metal of their debut. The track runs through the world and it has been revisited and distorted in seven remix by some among the most famous producers and djs of the international electronic scene: Sebastian Komor (Canada), Soman (Germany), Xp8 (Italy), Lenny Dee (USA), S.A.M. (Germany). The piece is accompanied by the fourth official videoclip of the band. In June 2011 the Master of horror Sergio Stivaletti (special effects for Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Michele Soavi etcc…) is the creator of Surgery’s new official masks. In March 2012 goes out the EP “ENEMY DOMINE” in free download, which contains the remixes of Thomas Rainer (Nachtmahr) and Sebastian Komor (producer of Melt and ex Icon of Coil). RESET, the new album, (2012 Altipiani/Audioglobe) is ready to explode in an astonishing mix which depicts Surgery at its best in 2012.